About Kelly Coveny

Hello. My name is Kelly Coveny.

I have roasted marshmallows on a live volcano in Nicaragua with my family, floated Indian style on the Dead Sea with strangers, eaten termites with my sons in Costa Rica, been blackballed by the middle school sports mafia and built multi-billion-dollar brands with the best minds in advertising.

I have filmed Venetian-masked models at midnight in Rome, performed my songs at The Bitter End in NYC and turned ADHD into a superpower. I have photographed black rhinos in South Africa, hunted acorn-hats in our backyard and spread the ashes of both my parents across the Atlantic.

I have tele-marketed truck parts, created international ad campaigns for A-list agencies, navigated country- western line-dancing as a cocktail-waitress, earned an MFA while unsuccessfully potty-training and produced two albums during lunch breaks and Metro-north commutes.

I have won Clio’s, Cannes Lions, Communication Art and New York Songwriters Circle Awards. I have fought off wild charging turkeys with a rented bicycle to protect my son Leo and watched helplessly as a crazed dog attacked my son Finn in the face. I have learned about courage. About mojo, moxie and navigating mayhem.

I am a cross-pollinating content creator, intuitive path finder, innovative architect of options, excavator of insight, translator of paradox and adventurous visionary. I am an extroverted introvert, imagination zealot and radical, if not sometimes reluctant, optimist. I am a passionate collaborator, obsessive epiphany seeker and experiential alchemist.

I am, at my core, a curious pilgrim.

About Curious Pilgrim

Curious as in both questioning and just a little odd. I am both. 

Pilgrim as in adventurer, explorer, seeker. Minus the bonnet. And apron. If a pilgrim is a person (40-something triple a-type, neurotic, perfectionist, working mom) who journeys to a sacred place (Starbucks, the bathtub, Machu Picchu, the fridge, Capri, …) for religious reasons (sanity, inner peace, freedom, self-improvement, to get the hell out of dodge) than I am one!

My personal pilgrimage is to find whatever feeds my spirit. 

I am on a continual quest for inspiration, insight and whatever intuitively feels spot on! I look at everything from books and tele-courses to wake-up festivals and retreats. But, usually I find the most transformative bits in my own life – the craziness, the mess-ups, and the drama. It all has an unfailing way it has of pointing out what really matters. Micro–Illumination Mondays capture pieces of this.

I seek out humor, because, well, it is funny. But as important, when life gets dark, it is one of the very best ways I know of tunneling out. So, WTF Wednesdays offer a good dose of sarcasm, irony and thinly masked insecurity. I mean absolutely no offense to anyone! I make fun of myself and life’s mayhem  but it is all done, truly, with an underlying love and acceptance.

I love to be challenged. Anything that makes me think. For which there is no easy answer. Wherein the spectrum of possibilities and perspectives offers the freedom to wonder, to wander. I love any idea that invites me to meander. That opens up the world. Makes it feel less congested and rigid. It is like an intellectual breath of fresh air. Food for thought Fridays throws out observations or questions that favor adventure over the treadmill of to do.

It is a mishmash to be sure but the intent is always the same. We live in such a fast-paced, productivity-oriented, accomplishment-driven world; we need an occasional time-out. We need to find magic in the margins.