Micro-Illumination Mondays

What better way to follow the Sunday blues? And ignite a week of brilliant possibilities? Look for small sparks of inspiration – like fireflies illuminating a landscape. Fleeting, yes. And yet, in a brief blink of light, we feel the glow of freedom, the magic of serendipity and the presence of grace.


Now Reporting from the Front Lines

Of (Transformer)Tuesdays and (Threedom)Thursdays Starting this Thursday October 22nd the Pilgrim will be premiering the hopefully-soon-to-be-acclaimed debut of Transformer Tuesday and Threedom Thursdays. Why? Excellent question. For starters, the Sunday night blues, which can be best described as emotional roller coastering between forlorn sadness and petulant assholianness due to the catastrophic...
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Invisible Forces Inspire

The Sky is Swirling with Magic  It’s just so hard to see when darkness gets in the way. Or deadlines. Or drama. Or the efficient driven, productivity-centric practicality that seems to dominate much of our modern-day thinking. Art allows us to breathe. Not air, but the oxygen of yes, that…...
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