Transformer Tuesdays

We are a verb. Not a noun, not a pronoun, but a constantly changing entity. Never the same twice. However, often, we get so lost in the trance of to do, that we fail to see each moment as unique. We mindlessly go through the motions, sleep-walk through whole sections of a day until something startles us back into the present– a child’s smile, stranger’s kindness, loved one’s tenderness or a car nearly hitting us. Whatever the cause, we are jolted back into the dynamic ebb and flow of life. We feel more alive at these moments. They transform our awareness, and in so doing, wake us up to the magnificent grace before us. Tuesdays seemed like a good day to try and tap into a little transformational grace. 

Go Where Life Feeds You

Sunlight does not shine under cow patties. This may sound frightfully obvious. But, as a professional contrarian, obsessive-compulsive problem-solver and champion of unlikely possibilities I am drawn to the underside of improbable prospects. They seem to call to me, sing to me, like Homer’s sirens. They intensify the adventure. I...
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